Mine Surveys: All you need to know now

Mine surveys done in an open-shaft mine

Mine surveys are the digging of mine galeries and shafts and the calculation of the volume of rock. However, it is much more than just that. The difficulties of underground mine surveys require very special survey techniques. To get a quote on your mine surveying needs, contact us.

The history of mine surveys

There is a vast history of both mining and surveying. All the cultures ever on earth wanted to extract valuable minerals and metals from the earth. Especially gold. Surveying dates back to the Egyptian people who wanted to divide up the fertile land along the river Nile. 

Mine surveys date back to the Roman empire around 300 BC. This is when they dug mining tunnels to extract gold and silver which required geometry, surveying and advanced mathematics.

However, in the 18th century, the industrial revolution in the UK paved the way for mine surveying with more advanced technology. This in turn made the mining surveyor a more recognised and widespread profession. Source.

Mine survey systems and equipment

There is a lot of advanced equipment that a mine surveyor needs in order to do his job well. If you need any systems and equipment for your mine surves, you can find it on our equipment page. This includes the CHCNAV i50 GNSS receiver, the i70+, the CHC i80, and the HCE320 android field surveying controller.

Mine survey in-service-training

Doing in service training to become a mine surveyor is a really good idea. Not only will you be equipped with theoretical knowledge in doing mine surveys. But, you will also be equipped with practical knowledge and experience, which is much more valuable to companies. Here are a few places that offer in service training for mine surveying:

People also Ask

What do mine surveys do?

Mine surveys map out mines, analyses deformation and security risks in a mine and provide very valuable data that are important for mining managers. 

How much do mine surveyors earn?

The most experienced mine surveyors in South Africa earn up to R850 000 per year. However, the average mine surveyor in South Africa earns around R540 000 per year and an entry level mine surveyor can earn around R420 000 per year according to talent.com.

What do you need to be a mine surveyor?

The requirements of becoming a mine survey technician is a diploma in mine surveys. If you would like to become a qualified mine surveyor, you will need to obtain a government mines certificate of competency and then apply to upgrade to a mine surveyor.

Where can I study mine surveying in South Africa?

Most universities in South Africa offer a course in mine surveying. This includes UNISA, University of Johannesburg, SA Study and many more.